Australia Economy

The economy of Australia is developed and one of the largest mixed market economies in the world, with a GDP of AUD $1.69 trillion as of 2017. Australia is the second wealthiest nation in terms of wealth per adult, after Switzerland. Australia's total wealth was AUD $8.9 trillion as of June 2016. In 2016, Australia was the 14th largest national economy by nominal GDP, 20th largest by PPP-adjusted GDP, and was the 25th-largest goods exporter and 20th-largest goods importer. Australia took the record for the longest run of uninterrupted GDP growth in the developed world with the March 2017 financial quarter, the 103rd quarter and 26 years since Australia had a technical recession (two consecutive quarters of negative growth).

Australia over view


  1. The Financial industry
  2. The Business Consulting Firms
  3. Metals and Mining Industry
  4. Energy and Utilities Industry
  5. Industrial and Material Industry
  6. Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Industry

As industrial design and mechanical engineering services provider, we can participate in Metals and Mining Industry, Energy and Utilities Industry and Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Industry(medical devices).

Metal and Mining industry in Australia

The mining sectors take the 2nd place in the largest Australian industry ranking. The huge array of natural resources clearly is responsible of the successful way Australia went through the global financial crisis. 

Australia mine industry

Energy and Utilities Industry in Australia

The 3rd place goes to the Energy and Utilities Industry. The country has outstanding energy assets and huge natural resources like coal, uranium, oil and natural gas as well as renewable energy assets. In the other hand, water, electricity and gas providers make up the utilities part of the sector.

Australia energy industry

Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Industry in Australia

The Healthcare Industry including Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and Medical practice, suffers from the expenditures cut down due to the National Health Amendment Pharmaceutical Scheme Bill voted in the end of 2010.

ARA Co engineering team with a great background  in Solidwork software, is ready to handle world wide Solidworks project for many countries. We are already working for many intentional companies in Solidworks and Simulation (CFD,FEA,FEM) section.

Our fields of activity in this section are :

  • 3D Modeling Project by Solidworks
  • Solidworks Sheet metal project
  • Solidworks Structure and weldment project
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Industrial design Project
  • Industrial and product Rendering 
  • CFD and FEM simulations and analysis

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